"Learning Tree RGV, LLC
we are an approved Training Center for the "American Safety & Health Institute"

and  CPR / AED / BLS and First Aid training providers for the
Health & Safety Institute (
hsi) ** and the American Red Cross (ARC) 

**  When the 2020 Universal Guidelines  to the ASHI text books are published, they will show the
hsi" brand.  (o/a April 2021) .  In the interim ,  we will teach from the  current student text with
       the ASHI branding, supplemented with 2020 universal guidelines.  Our training  will always be
       current and qualify for 2 year certification Card.

The ARC has a long history of quality training text, training aids  and Instructors. As a  former
employee and Instructor for the ARC, I personally taught 
the Red Cross brand of CPR / AED and
First Aid for more than 15 years. When we had the opportunity to include them in Learning Tree RGV
offerings, we readily accepted.


 The learning Tree is very proud to be associated with hsi  and ARC  as CPR/AED/BLS and
First Aid providers. 
How to choose?

  • The hsi courses are very workplace oriented using warehouse, factory  or office scenarios
     in realistic settings. hsi does this best!. 

  • The ARC courses are well known and accepted. They are very family oriented and are well
    prepared. The Red Cross quality is


Both meet employer approval, they very in approach but both are well accepted and result in a
2 year Certification card.


The choice of the instructors are very important and may have equal or greater impact on student
learning than the brand of the course (hsi  or ARC). Learning Tree takes pride in our Classroom ability
to manage learning to the best outcome.

  We also have several Certificate only - Community courses developed by Learning Tree.

 Are you currently an AHA, hsi or ARC Instructor, ask about  joining our instructor staff? If not and 
you are 
CPR or BLS Certified, the Learning Tree teaches the "Instructor Development Course".
Consider the freedom  of 
 your own "business" as an approved hsi or ARC instructor.





hsi and ARC  training programs are recognized and accepted by, or meet the requirements of, nearly 2,400  state regulatory agencies, occupational licensing boards, national associations, commissions and councils in more than 120 occupations and professions.
Always check with your employer before signing up for training to meet employment requirements.


This item is for Student Alumni access to a members page,  This allows downloads of digital student text and other relevant materials. It is by invitation only and members will also receive CPR/AED/BLS/Faid notices and updates from
the Learning Tree RGV (
LT), Health & Safety Institute (hsi) and the American Red Cross (ARC).


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