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                                                        This series of affordable classes is designed for Community based training to                                                         acquire skills and knowledge of a subject for people that  do not require                                                                 Workplace or Occupational Certification.  They are taught by our staff of ASHI Certified                                       Instructors, in your local Community Center among other students that have                                                          a common interest. In the last 6 years, more that 800 students have                                                                        attended our Community Training Classes listed below. Certificates are                                                                  awarded upon successful completion.

  • Seniors Saving a Life: This is a 2  hour class that teaches life saving skills with
    the Senior abilities and limitations in mind. Subjects: Situational Awareness, Choking,
    Bleeding, Cardiac Events,Hands Only CPR and AED (Adult)

    Cost is only
    $10 each for a group of 10 or more.

  • Hands only CPR & AED (Adult): This is a 3 hour class that requires the ability
    to learn and demonstrate those life saving Skills.  This  class is is much like the
    Seniors Saving a Life class but with more time in First Aid Basics and performing
    CPR & AED Skills.
     Cost is only 
    $20 each for a group of 10 or more.


  • Community Responders - Cardiac Emergencies, Hands only CPR and AED (Adult).
    This is a 3 hour class. Many Communities have volunteer Responders that are on

    call for.a 24 hour period to help in Cardiac emergencies UNTIL EMS ARRIVES
    This class develops the knowledge and Skills to meet that need. Subjects are:
    Responder Expectations, Identification of Cardiac emergencies, 
    and Performing
    CPR & AED Skills. 
    Cost is only$20 each for a group of 10 or more 


  • Community Responders - Sudden Injuries, Choking and Poison (Adult)
    his is a 3 hour class.  Many Communities have volunteer Responders that are on 
    call for a 24 hour period to help in First Aid
    emergencies UNTIL EMS ARRIVES.
    This class develops the knowledge and skills to meet that need. Subjects are:
    Responder Expectations, Sudden Injuries (such as Shock, Bleeding, Amputation,
    Impaled Objects), Choking and Poisons
    . Cost is only 
    $20 each for a group of 10 or more. 

  • Family & Friends Hands only CPR & AED: This is a 4 hour class. In this
     class we cover First Aid Basics, Hands Only CPR (
    Adult, Child & Infant), AED 
    (Adult, Child & Infant)  and Choking (Adult, Child & Infant). Yes we teach 
    Family members in the same class! Parents, Grand Parents & Children (> 12).
    Please Invite other Families & Friends to join you! Cost is only 
    $35 each
    for a group of 10 or more.


Students may upgrade to an ASHI 2 year Certification Card, receiving full credit for monies paid to attend similar Community classes!

Please call John at 956-245-1277  or email LearningTreeRGV@gmail.com to arrange your class

Our Charity Giving recommendation is Wreaths Across America. You may click icon  to volunteer or donate to the Veterans Memorial Project Committee, 
WAA-Harlingen  Chapter. They place wreaths on the graves sites of Veterans in participating Cemeteries, on Saturday,  December 19th, 2020.  Thank You

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