is COVID still here? I Need CPR!

Our COVID compliant courses allow a safe environment for our students to meet their required Workplace Certification

   COVID CLASSROOM [instructor & student]  REQUIREMENTS 

  • Answer COVID questions acceptably or leave ..... call your Doctor for direction.

  • Wash hands - wear mask and gloves at all times.

  • Avoid touching your face - no handshakes or touching others.

  • Maintain distance of 6 feet from everyone - act responsible


  • The Maximum of 6 six Students and two Instructors in the Classroom (verified well and no fever)

  • All equipment - one per Student (Manikin, AED, supplies etc.)
    (cleaned prior to and after use)

  • Students may simulate the CPR breathing skill

  • Enjoy being a student and instructor - We can make it work!

Meeting your employee requirement is important - But our health (Instructor and Student) must be observed!
The Learning Tree RGV requires the classroom be safe  and comply with current COVID rules or delay until another day.

Approved by Health & Safety Institute only - during COVID outbreak.


hsi has a plan that makes qualifying or requalifying for Certification possible  without person contact! We can now use ZOOM to conduct the skills testing! You sign-up for a Blended course, We send you a link and you do your online part. When you complete part 1, we are notified and we arrange the part 2 "ZOOM" session date.
I ship or deliver materials such as manikin and AED trainer to you. (refundable deposit required)  (you have the responsibility to return equipment). The Course price will remain the same, but shipping will cost you something
depending on your location.

During the ZOOM skills session, someone on your end will have to act as the cameraperson and  they will be in contact with us.  We will conduct the session from my office and I will observe your performance via ZOOM.
A plan that can get you Certified and back in business! Getting the required material to/from you is the key.

If this can work for you - call us and we will arrange for that to happen! 956-245-1277 or send email>>>

Approved by Americal Red Cross only - during COVID outbreak.

If you currently Certified by The ARC and your Card is about to expire and your work
situation does not allow time to do the in-person Skills Testing for of a Blended Course.  The ARC has
 a plan that will award a 1 year Provisional Certification. No in-person skills session! Next year, you will contact us for a regular 2 year renewal course. The price is $80 for this option - but it keeps you covered until this COVID think passes. 

If this can work for you - call us and we will arrange for that to happen! 956-245-1277 or send email>>>

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