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The learning Tree is very proud to be associated with HSI**  and ARC  as CPR/AED/BLS and First Aid providers.
We also have several Certificate only - Community courses developed by Learning Tree. (Visit "About us" page)


How to Book a 2 year certified course from the HSI or ARC:

Step 1.  On "Home Page", find the list of courses

     Step 2.  Locate the course you are interested in.
          Step 3.  Click the PDF button next to it for Course Specification - research!

               Step 4.  Click the "Course Name" to go to the Catalog of CERTIFIED Courses, then...

                    Step 5.  Book the course  via email or return to the "Home Page".

Or if you wish to skip the Catalog (you know what you need)- Click the>>
on the "Home Page" - it takes you to Step 5!

How to Book a Certificate - Community Course from "The Learning Tree

Step 1. On the "About us" Page, find the                                                  Button
     Step 2. Click and go to the Catalog of CERTIFICATE Training available, then...

          Step 3.  Book the course  via email or return to the "Home Page"

Or if you wish to skip the Catalog (you know what you need) - Click the>>

on the "Home" Page - it takes you to Step 3!


Or just call and give the information directly to me. We will work it out as we appreciate your business.

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