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 1. Student(s) each sign up for the Class by completing the request form. Be sure to include        the Company Name, PO contact person’s Name, Phone, and email.

2. On Checkout, select Manual Payment.

3. Learning Tree will then send the Welcome Letter with necessary information for each               student to begin preparation for the Class.

4. When LTRGV receives the request form(s) they will contact the PO Contact and plan to           proceed.

        a. The PO contact person will assure that LTRGV is an Approved Vendor for the                             requesting Company.

        b. LTRGV will develop a Company Price Quote for the student(s) and forward it to the                   PO contact person.

        c. The PO contact person will seek approval and assign a PO Number to fill this request.

        d. The student(s) may not attend Class until OP has been approved.

        e. When the PO is approved and a PO Number is assigned, the Company will forward                 that PO number to LTRGV.

        f. Students may now attend the requested class.

       g. LTRGV will then develop an Invoice to the Company that will include the PO number              and forward it to the PO contact person for payment.

      h. The Invoice will be paid by the agreed upon Due Date.

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